A Demonstration of the Telling, Showing and JI 4-Step Methods of Instruction

This series of videos demonstrates the telling, showing and 4-Step Job Instruction Method of skill training.


This video serves as an introduction to the Telling, Showing, and JI 4-Step Method video demonstrations.

Telling & Showing Methods

This video is a demonstration of the ‘Telling’ and ‘Showing’ methods of instructing a person in a skill. Using the fire underwriters’ knot as a sample job, the weaknesses in telling alone, and showing alone, become evident.

JI 4-Step Method

This video demonstrates the JI 4-Step Method of instruction, one of the components of the Training Within Industry program of leadership development. Check out our Downloads page and download a JI Pocket Card to follow along with the instruction.

A Demonstration of Making A Job Instruction Breakdown

This video demonstrates the process used to make a job breakdown – how to find the important steps, key points, and the reasons for the key points.