Implementing TWI – Part 6 – The Training’s Complete – Now What?

In previous posts we discussed some of the issues involved in preparing and holding your first TWI workshops. In Part 6, we will discuss the actions most helpful for following up and reinforcing the skills learned in the workshops. We will focus on three main areas in this post:
1. Picking the tasks to train – the Training Timetable
2. Self-Efficacy and Coaching
3. Practice, Practice, Practice

One of the most critical keys to a successful TWI implementation, especially if you Continue reading

Implementing TWI – Part 5 – Tips for Conducting the JI Workshop

In Part 5 of our series on implementing the Training Within Industry program, we will focus on conducting your first TWI workshop.  In an earlier installment we recommended starting with Job Instruction or a combination of Job Instruction and Job Relations workshops.  We’ve discussed where to start and how to set goals to provide guidance and motivation for the target area.  We gave criteria on determining who to include in the training and scheduling the first workshop.  In this post we will focus on some tips to make your training go smoothly and be most effective.

When training any of the TWI J-programs, the first session should be kicked off by the senior Continue reading

Implementing TWI – Part 4 – Scheduling the Initial TWI Training

In our previous posts we discussed which TWI J-program to start with (we recommended JI or JI and JR, concurrently), where and how to focus your efforts in a target area, and who to select for the training.  In this installment we’ll talk about the scheduling options for your JI workshops.  If you are starting out with only JI, one of the best scheduling options is to have a JI workshop first thing in the morning and another one late in the day.  Our preference is to try to maintain natural workgroup integrity.  You’ll be able to have between 6-10 participants Continue reading