Appliance Maker Uses JI to Smooth New Model Transition

A manufacturer of consumer appliances used JI training to help train its people on updated procedures in one of their value streams.  The result was a model update on the line without any productivity loss.  Normally, when the production procedures and instructions are updated, productivity is negatively impacted as people learn and become practiced in the new ways of doing the work.  This loss during train-up was avoided by their use of JI and off-line training.  Prior to the changeover, the organization called The Bilas Group in to conduct a JI training workshop.  After receiving the initial training, they designated primary trainers for Continue reading

Productivity Improvements at Power Generation Systems Manufacturer Save Thousands in Costs

A major manufacturer of power generation systems and equipment was experiencing productivity and throughput issues that jeopardized delivery on five major power plant rebuild projects.  Failure to deliver on time would result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalties.   With five projects being produced simultaneously, shop floor scheduling became extremely difficult Continue reading

Business Process Redesign Results in 50% Reduction in Time to Resolve Critical Incidents at National Bank

A national bank was having difficulty resolving in timely manner critical incidents in its database, application, and hardware systems.  These incidents not only had a financial cost, but customer satisfaction was also negatively impacted when the outages delayed or denied customer access to the bank’s services.  The client initially focused their improvement efforts on Continue reading

Changeover Reduction in Metal Stamping Operation

A metal stamping operation was experiencing high downtime and late deliveries due to an increase in the number of die changeovers driven by variable customer demand.  The client decided to hold an improvement event focused on reducing the length of time on changeovers.  At the start of the event the average changeover time on the largest press in the shop was 94 minutes.  During the event the current state Continue reading

Cost Reduction at an Oil Well Equipment Manufacturer

A manufacturer of sub-sea wellhead equipment was implementing JI in its machining and assembly operations. On one component a special fixture had to be installed every two weeks. Due to limited experience installing the fixture, and its infrequent use, the fixture was often damaged on start up of the machining operation. The costs of repair Continue reading