Below is a list of the core capabilities that we can apply individually or in combination to improve your organization’s bottom-line. For more information on how we might integrate these capabilities into a complete improvement solution for your organization, please contact us for further discussions.

Basic Stability:

Basic stability is simply the ability to deliver what the customer wants when they want it. It provides a solid foundation for any continuous improvement effort. Most organizations that lack basic stability are consumed with fire fighting which prevents them from focusing on improvement activities. Starting with the 4 M’s – manpower, methods, machines, and materials – we can help your organization attain basic stability. In many cases these actions are all that is required to gain and maintain a significant competitive advantage.

Training Within Industry:

Training Within Industry was created during World War II to help maintain and increase the production of war materials. The program’s original intent was as a leadership development tool, but in today’s era of flatter organizations and empowered teams, it has become a robust, integrated continuous improvement program. The original three components, Job Relations (JR), Job Instruction (JI), and Job Methods Improvement (JM) focus on developing the skills of leading, instructing, and improving methods. The Job Safety (JS) and Job Problem Solving (JPS) components were added later to provide additional skills for the leader. Though created over 50 years ago, components of TWI are still used by Toyota today. With certified trainers in all components, we can help implement this program in your organization as a first and very large step toward developing basic stability.

Lean Thinking:

Lean thinking encompasses the values, principles, tools, and techniques initially developed by Toyota and now championed by numerous other companies here in the U.S. and abroad. Lean thinking can be applied not only to manufacturing activities, but also to service industries and administrative functions. By focusing on improving flow and eliminating waste, companies can realize significant improvements in productivity and profitability. The Bilas Group, LLC and help you apply lean thinking to your organization adapting the lean philosophy and principles to your unique organization.

Leadership Development:

Leadership is critical to an organization’s success. It is even more critical to initiating and sustaining continuous improvement or transformational change. Not only must the leadership set direction and goals for the organizations, they must also develop effective strategies and then motivate the people in the organization to perform. We can help develop your leadership in numerous ways, from structured training programs to informal coaching and mentoring.

Organizational Development:

Organizations consist of human, technical and management systems. Each system must function well by itself and with each other. Structured interventions to improve each system, and the integration of all three systems, is a focus of The Bilas Group, LLC. We are skilled in team building, problem solving, developmental facilitation, process redesign, organizational design, leader standard work to name a few of the organization development interventions that could be used to improve total organizational performance.

Interim Management:

Often major improvement or transformational change efforts require a different style of leader than currently in the organization. We can provide that short- to mid-term leadership to initiate the changes and improvements that will impact in a bottom-line improvement while at the same time developing the currently leaders to be able to effectively lead the effort in the future or while an external search is conducted. In many instances the fees for such services can be based on the value of the improvements that are made and sustained.

Web Development:

As more and more information is posted and retrieved from the internet and internal intranets, the ability to quickly develop a web presence is critical. We can help provide the expertise and additional help that will allow you to enhance your web presence.