About Us


Our purpose is to assist our clients in developing the capability for continuous and sustained improvement.


We collaborate with the client in developing, implementing and sustaining an improvement strategy that focuses on building initial stability as a foundation for continuous improvement. After achieving basic stability, we partner with the client to achieve greater results through advanced improvement techniques.


The Bilas Group, LLC was founded by Roger Bilas in 2003. The composition of the engagement team is tailored for each client in order to provide the best service possible. (Individual Biographies)


The Customer:

Organizational purpose can only be derived from the customer.


Developing your people is the key to maintaining a competitive advantage.

Continuous Learning and Personal Growth:

Sustainable improvement can only come from learning and the desire for personal growth motivates us to learn.

Results AND Process:

Results are important but a focus on the process is also critical. Your processes deliver your results.

What AND How:

Knowing what to do is not enough. Deep understanding and agreement on the details of how you will proceed is essential for improvement.


What can we do now with the people and resources currently available; don’t wait – try and adjust.