Implementing TWI – Part 2 – Where Should I start?

In Part 1 of our series on implementing TWI, we recommended focusing your efforts on implementing JI or on JI and JR, concurrently.  In part 2, we’ll answer the question: where should I start?  Our recommendation is to select a pilot area that’s small enough to prevent diluting your training efforts and somewhat contained to be able to see the impact of your efforts.  It must also be large enough, however, Continue reading

Roger Bilas to Present TWI Overview At Lakeland Community College on March 22, 2011

Roger Bilas will be presenting an overview of the TWI program and providing hands-on demonstrations of the J-components at a free seminar March 22, 2011 at Lakeland Community College. Sponsored by the Continuing Education Department at Lakeland CC, Roger will discuss the benefits of TWI as an integrated program and specifically address how the J-components can address many of the issues that a recovering economy may create. Hands-on demonstrations of Job Instruction will show how it can not be used for training of new or transferred team members, but also stabilize and improve the organization’s process.  Go to Lakeland Community College for more information or to register.