Cost Reduction at an Oil Well Equipment Manufacturer

A manufacturer of sub-sea wellhead equipment was implementing JI in its machining and assembly operations. On one component a special fixture had to be installed every two weeks. Due to limited experience installing the fixture, and its infrequent use, the fixture was often damaged on start up of the machining operation. The costs of repair Continue reading

Quality Improvement and Lead Time Reduction in Oil and Gas Industry

A manufacturer of dehydrators used on natural gas well heads was experiencing quality and delivery issues due to turnover and a lack of training of their people. In response to these issues, they trained several dozen people on the 4-Step JI method of instruction and chose to initially focus on improving the first time quality of their Continue reading

Demonstration and Practice Repetitions in the JI 4-Step Method – Key Learnings

The post on how many repetitions are best in JI resulted in several key learnings for me. I contacted numerous people I have trained as a Master JI Trainer to see if they are using the 3 reps for Present the Operation- 4 reps for Try Out Performance. All of them said it depends. The consensus was Continue reading

Throughput Gains Through Basic Stability Improvements in the Aerospace Industry

Confronted with a rapid increase in demand from the customer, an aerospace defense manufacturer had to rapidly expand production 50% without major increases in capital or manpower.  By focusing on the constraint operation in the value stream making improvements in workplace and station layout, standardizing tools and Continue reading